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Ethereum as base asset layer for MBA NFTs

These playable NFTs are procedurally and randomly-generated 3D basketball players with evolving stats and a unique lifecycle that resembles a real-life basketball player’s career.

This will see the players grow from rookies to legends – reflected in their stats and rarity – and even sees them retire.

This ensures a constant rotation on teams and the economy that fosters strategic team-building over time.

Ethereum as base asset layer for MBA NFTs

Players can also decide to build their team with in-game players or bring external NFTs from approved collections and morph them into MetaSports players to build a metaverse-worthy team of any origin, style, and species.

The game will use Ethereum as its base asset layer for MBA NFTs, StarkNet as an orchestration and game reward layer, the Internet Computer for gameplay, logic, and low-value transactions, and also IPFS as a storage redundancy layer and its unique content identifiers for assets.

MetaSports Basketball will leverage Terabethia – Psychedelic’s recently announced cross-network bridge – designed to provide layer 2 functionality and port ERC standards assets, including ERC20, ERC721, or ERC 1155 tokens to the Internet Computer.

Internet Computer was developed by the Dfinity Foundation as a decentralised backbone for web3. It’s a blockchain network that acts as its own cloud, rather than depending on centralised servers like AWS. This creates a fast network that enables easier development.

바카라 바카라사이트 우리카지노

MetaSports Basketball turns NFT collections into playable character | News 19 Dec 2021 | Crypto News

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2:01 MetaSports Basketball turns NFT collections into playable characters
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MetaSports Basketball turns NFT collections into playable character | News 19 Dec 2021 | Crypto News


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Since the pandemic hit our community, we’ve heard of countless players quitting the sport across the state and teams and clubs struggling to stay afloat. No doubt it’s been hard. Our 2004 Boys team led by Coach Clay Holbrook were set to play in the regional championships in California this past June. But it was cancelled. Our high school boys’ soccer season was cut short – leaving seniors without that last rite of passage. 

But while we experienced these disappointments, our tight-knit community also saw great opportunity. We safely played hundreds of league and tournament games. Many players from our 2006 Girls team, led by Coach Pete Tesch, made their high school teams and were able to complete successful seasons. Our PlayOn program continued to attract the youngest among us — kicking, fist-pumping and cartwheeling their way to 2v2 glory.

COVID-19 may have changed the way we do soccer, but it hasn’t changed our love for it.

For the past few weeks, Meta staff have been working tirelessly to prepare our new winter indoor space. Over the next week and during the fundraiser, you’ll get a peek at what it takes to create an indoor space.

We’re not raising a million dollars to create a shrine to indoor soccer. We’re just hoping to raise a little from a lot of people to make it our own – safe, efficient and a home for Meta players to thrive. metasports


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1) Start training gradually to progressively acclimate muscles and tendons to the load. When you go all in too soon, you’re more likely to get injured before the race.

2) Get comfortable with your weaknesses and let them dictate where you should focus most. It was a swimming technique for me during the Aquathlon training. Don’t undervalue your training technique; it will save you from injuries in the long run!

3) Never run in worn-out shoes. A shoe will almost certainly need to be replaced after 600 kilometers! Overused shoes lack sufficient cushioning and can lead to Achilles tendinitis.

Similarly, if your bike setup isn’t correct, you run the risk of repetitive strain injuries. One of the leading causes of knee pain is a bad bike fit, so make sure you check this out before race day.

4) It’s critical to do dynamic stretches before a workout to increase blood flow and prepare the body for performance. Static stretches (holding a muscle still) should be performed not only immediately after a workout or race, but also for several days afterwards to prevent muscles from tightening up and causing problems like shin splints.

5) REST, REST, REST….training for two sports takes a toll on the body; giving yourself time to rest and listen to your body will allow you to heal and grow stronger! Over training can result in muscle imbalance as well as biomechanical problems. Make sure to schedule at least one day of rest per week. It doesn’t have to be completely free of exercise; why not try some gentle yoga to help with mobility?

If you develop a strain or an injury despite following these tips, don’t ignore it. Book a consultation with Haseeb at City Osteopathy and Physiotherapy for 50% off the usual price (saving of $95) by using the promo code 50FIRST.metasport

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That is until now! At the MetaSprint Series 2022, finishers still get a beautiful finisher medal but now it is a pin that they can proudly attach on their bag, t-shirt or cap! Their achievement is permanently on display!

It gets even better! Athletes who complete all three events, will see that the 15th-anniversary limited edition series medals will interlink to form a super cool hexagon.

Aqilah, the creative mind behind the medal design explains the design process:

The hexagon has always been a symbol of the MetaSprint Series. We wanted to draw on this and incorporate a unique sustainability aspect of the event into this year’s medal design.

For years, the medals have been in a hexagon shape, and we wanted to do something new while keeping the iconic hexagon in some way. As a result, we decided that participants who participated in all three MetaSprint Series events would be able to connect their three medals to form a hexagon.

Each medal is coloured with the traditional event colours, blue for the Aquathlon, orange for the Duathlon, and magenta for the Triathlon. It’s so satisfying to see athletes embrace and pose with their finisher medals after crossing the finish line.metasport