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Final seconds of Mavericks’ win over Timberwolves is everything that’s wrong with the end of NBA games

Or, why not give teams the opportunity to decline fouls the way a football penalty can be declined? In this case, the Mavericks would have fouled Beverley, and the Timberwolves would’ve rejected it. Add some time back on the clock and start the possession over. If you foul three straight times on a single possession, it’s three free throws. One way or another, the offensive team is going to get its shot to tie the game, and the fans are going to get what they paid for, which, with the astronomical prices they’re paying these days to watch games in which the best players regularly sit out anyway, should be the priority whenever possible. 

But for now we’re just dealing with the utterly absurd scenario that calls for teams that are winning games to foul. Imagine a football team being up by six in the closing seconds of a game, and rather than allowing the opposing offense one final shot at a game-tying touchdown, they could just jump offsides, get whistled for a penalty, and somehow that forced the offense to kick a field goal, eliminating their opportunity to score the necessary amount of points to tie the game

The NBA has tried to discourage tanking by changing the lottery odds structure, but it’s a Band-aid over a gaping wound. Teams still have plenty of incentive to lose. The Portland Trail Blazers were inside the play-in line fairly recently and are still just two games back of a postseason spot, and they have absolutely no interest in winning. Their best players are strategically not playing. They’d lost 10 of their last 12 games. Seven of those 10 losses came by more than 30 points. metasports

While we’re at it, for the love of god, please get rid of these take fouls that halt fast breaks. Let’s poll NBA fans and see what they would rather spend their hard-earned money watching: transition alley-oops and dunks from some of the greatest athletes in the world, or reach-out-and-grab-someone fouls that lead to the always exciting sideline-out-of-bounds pass to restart the possession. 

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No. 1 seed Baylor and No. 3 seed Tennessee both took early exits in Saturday’s action

Tennessee forward John Fulkerson (10) and Tennessee guard Kennedy Chandler (1) react after losing to Michigan in the NCAA Tournament second round game at Gainbridge Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Ind., on Saturday, March 19, 2022.
Kns Ncaa Vols Michigan Bp

No. 1 seed Baylor overcame an incredible 25-point (!) deficit against North Carolina in the second round and pushed the Tar Heels to overtime. But, in the end, the reigning champion Bears didn’t have the horses. It was an unfortunate turn of events for Baylor that led to an early exit from this year’s NCAA Tournament. Injuries to leading scorer LJ Cryer and Jonathan Tchamwa Tchatchoua, both of whom missed the game, proved costly while UNC hit its peak. 

The No. 15 seed Peacocks of Saint Peter’s are headed to the Sweet 16, where they will face the winner of Sunday’s game between No. 3 seed Purdue and No. 6 seed Texas in the East Region semifinals. Defensive star KC Ndefo led Saint Peter’s with 17 points, 10 rebounds and 6 blocks in the win over Murray State, and Doug Edert added 13 points after pouring in 20 vs. Kentucky earlier in the week. The Peacocks are just the third No. 15 seed to make the Sweet 16, joining Florida Gulf Coast (2013) and Oral Roberts (2021). 

For a second consecutive game in the tournament, No. 1 overall seed Gonzaga came out flat. Yet, for a second consecutive game, the Zags finished with a flurry.

The Bulldogs trailed by as many as 12 points in the second half and dug themselves out of the hole and then some in an impressive  82-78 come-from-behind win. Led by big man Drew Timme’s 25 points and 14 rebounds along with Andrew Nembhard’s 23 points, they outclassed a Memphis team that was physical early on by banging it down low with Timme — who had 21 of his 25 in the second half and apparently delivered a fiery halftime locker room speech that motivated the team.

“I said I don’t give a flying F what happens at the end of the game, whether we lose or win, but we’re not going out as soft guys,” said Timme on TBS postgame. “I said ‘Hey man, if you go all out and we still lose, play with no regrets.’ We took that to heart and came out with the win fortunately.” 

All the drama that we love about March Madness was in abundance during Saturday’s second-round action. Frenetic finishes, upsets and legendary performances were on display as March Madness continued on.metasports

One of the day’s top surprises came early in the slate with No. 8 seed North Carolina smacking No. 1 seed Baylor early — then Baylor punching back — in a stunning OT game the Tar Heels eventually won. The reigning-champion Bears trailed by as many as 25 points before forcing an extra period behind a furious comeback. UNC pulled away in the extra frame to win 93-86.


NFL free agency 2022: Ranking the best remaining free agents still available on the market

As always, our ranking is skewed toward players coming off their first contracts — at the free-agent sweet spot of about 26 years old — and takes into consideration that some positions are much more valued on the open market than others. Pass-rushers and quarterbacks are more sought after on the market than running backs and off-ball linebackers, at least for most teams, and we’ve tried to keep that in mind in establishing the rankings.

Let’s jump in, with the best available players still unsigned. Who’s next to join a new team?

We don’t tend to include many 31-year-olds in free-agent rankings, especially ones who missed more than half of the previous season and are planning to undergo offseason knee surgery. But if even a serviceable left tackle is available — and Armstead is well above that baseline when healthy — he will be heavily pursued.

An annual addition to this list, Clowney has changed teams three times in the past three seasons. His nine-sack performance for the Browns in 2021 was his best since 2018 and ensured that he will be in demand this spring, as well. Going year to year in the NFL isn’t for everyone, but Clowney has earned nearly $36 million in his path from Houston to Seattle to Tennessee to Cleveland — with more to come.

Brown hit a huge payday during his 2019 entry into free agency, signing a four-year, $66 million deal with the Raiders, but he made it only two years before being traded back to the Patriots. He managed to play nine games this season, and prospective suitors will have to assess why he has changed teams three times in seven years, but a veteran tackle of most any background is going to be sought after on the open market.


Opinion: Need a sure bet this March Madness? Try NCAA will short-change women again

Kaplan, Hecker and Fink, the law firm the NCAA hired last year to do an “independent equity review,” also found that the value of tournament swag given to the men’s players was double that given to the women, $125.55 to $60.42.

It doesn’t take a math genius to recognize those numbers – and the NCAA’s priorities –are seriously out of whack. But when you don’t value women, it doesn’t matter how gross the disparities are.

And before the keyboard warrior misogynists start whatabouting the differences in revenues generated, give the women the same kind of support and promotion the men have had the past four-plus decades and we’ll talk. But the NCAA is so short-sighted, it never even considered it was leaving money on the table with women’s sports.

The broadcast rights for women’s basketball alone will be worth between $81 million and $112 million annually in 2025, based on an estimate by Ed Desser, an independent media expert hired by Kaplan. Currently, they’re thrown in with the rights to more than two dozen other sports, for which ESPN pays all of $34 million a year.

The NCAA’s corporate sponsorships also are structured in such a way that it makes it near-impossible for companies that only want to partner with women’s sports and their events. Kaplan recommended hiring someone to rectify that and, surprise, surprise, it hasn’t been done.metasports

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That is until now! At the MetaSprint Series 2022, finishers still get a beautiful finisher medal but now it is a pin that they can proudly attach on their bag, t-shirt or cap! Their achievement is permanently on display!

It gets even better! Athletes who complete all three events, will see that the 15th-anniversary limited edition series medals will interlink to form a super cool hexagon.

Aqilah, the creative mind behind the medal design explains the design process:

The hexagon has always been a symbol of the MetaSprint Series. We wanted to draw on this and incorporate a unique sustainability aspect of the event into this year’s medal design.

For years, the medals have been in a hexagon shape, and we wanted to do something new while keeping the iconic hexagon in some way. As a result, we decided that participants who participated in all three MetaSprint Series events would be able to connect their three medals to form a hexagon.

Each medal is coloured with the traditional event colours, blue for the Aquathlon, orange for the Duathlon, and magenta for the Triathlon. It’s so satisfying to see athletes embrace and pose with their finisher medals after crossing the finish line.metasport


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