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DeChambeau looks on from the seventh green during the second round of The Masters.

“I made attempts to play through this injury at three recent events, including the Masters, but this is typically an injury that requires surgical treatment.
“Through continued discomfort from the fracture, it has caused me to alter my grip and swing, resulting in my inability to compete at golf’s highest level. This has not been easy physically and mentally for me.
“For now, I will be taking the appropriate time needed to rest and recover from this procedure and look forward to competing at the highest level within the next two months. Thank you to my family, team, partners, and supporters during this tough stretch but I am excited to work hard to get back competing soon.”
“That’s what happened. And went and got a CT scan, MRI, and we found out that — and X-rays in my left hip, was kind of — I had a torn labrum, a partial tear. And then in the hand, I had a hairline fracture in the hamate bone, which a lot of baseball players get from excessive hitting.”
DeChambeau took a six-week break to attempt to let the injuries heal but was clearly hampered at Augusta National, missing the cut by eight shots after an opening round four-over 76 followed by a eight-over 80 in the second round.
He has seen his world ranking slip to 19th and said he hopes to be back competing at the “golf’s highest level” after taking the “appropriate time needed to rest and recover.”
“Over the past few months My Team, Dr. Graham, and myself have been monitoring the fracture to the hamate bone in my left wrist,” he said.
The 28-year-old admitted ahead of the Masters earlier this month that he has been dealing with a hand and hip injuries which have affected his play.
He explained that he’s been dealing with a torn left hip labrum for around two years and injured his hand — also reaggravating his hip — when he slipped over on a marble floor while playing table tennis at the 

Saudi International

 in February.

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