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The entire Pat McAfee v Austin Theory (and more) segment

With WrestleMania focusing more and more on spectacle than on pure wrestling, guys like Owens and Zayn showcased the critical art of being the bad guy that gets the good guy over. Backstage, they would’ve gotten as much praise as – if not more than – anyone else.

Two best friends from Montreal, who many thought would never even get a shot in WWE, were critical components of two of WrestleMania 38’s best segments.

Both Owens (against Stone Cold Steve Austin) and Zayn (against Johnny Knoxville) were given the task of carrying non-full-time wrestlers, and both completely delivered.

Owens was the perfect foil to Austin, who at 57 was never going to wrestle a typical match, but ended up doing more than expected with help from his younger opponent.

Zayn arguably had a tougher task, doing the bulk of the work against a total non-wrestler in Knoxville, and was spectacular in the process.

After an at-times difficult 12 months, WWE came back with a bang, producing a surprise-filled and action-packed WrestleMania 38 in front of a combined 130,000 fans.metasports

And while some wrestlers shone brightly on the big stage, not everything went exactly to plan – for better and for worse.

Rhodes was never pushed at the main event level in his first WWE run, but has built an intriguing persona that can easily become loveable or hateable depending on the context, while improving his in-ring abilities thanks to matches with some future Hall of Famers in other companies.

And what we’ve seen in the past is that Vince McMahon doesn’t love presenting ‘outsiders’ as superstars. It’s what cruelled the WCW invasion storyline in 2001, the easiest lay-up in wrestling history that somehow ended up being about the McMahons and Rock v Austin and ending in the space of eight months.

We knew Rhodes was going to be Seth Rollins’ mystery opponent based on online reports – but we didn’t know how he would be presented.

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