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His comeback after the life-threatening car crash seemed fanciful but Woods has defied limits throughout his career

Woods once said that his win here in 2019 felt like his Everest and that, having climbed it once, he did not feel the need to do it again. The injuries gave him a mountain to climb and a new reason to try and do it, too.

Woods did not just lose control of his car that night; he lost control of his career, too, and for a time the question of whether he was ever going to be able to play, to compete, to win, again, was taken out of his hands. Which would be hard for anyone but must have been utterly intolerable for a man who has spent his whole life defying the limits other people have tried to put on him.metasports

“It gets agonising because simple things that I would normally just do now take a couple of hours here and a couple of hours there to prep and then wind down.” The idea of just walking the course for four days in a row is daunting. “It’s up to me to endure all the pain” and his medical team to help him manage the rehab. “How I am going to get all the swelling out and recover for the next day.”

“To say then that I was going to be here playing, and talking to you, it would have been very unlikely.” He did not wake up that first day in hospital with the idea of making it back here. Back then it was 50-50 whether they were going to have to amputate his leg. Instead Woods has gone about the recovery one step at a time. Like Nicklaus he is doing what he needs to do day-by-day to get in a position where he can win the Masters one more time. He is convinced he can do it, too. And because he is Tiger Woods, who is going to say he can’t?

He still does not really have all that much mobility and does not expect to ever again; and he is in pain “each and every day”. But here he is anyway. “It’s a matter of what my body’s able to do the next day, and the recovery. That’s the hard part,” Woods explained.

Thirty-six years later Woods is 46 himself, a month older now than Nicklaus was when he became the oldest man to win the tournament. And of course he is planning on breaking that record. No one, not even Woods himself, gave him a chance of doing it after the car crash last February, when he lost control of his SUV while he was doing double the speed limit on a stretch of mountain road outside Los Angeles. No one even thought he was going to make it here this year. “I never left my hospital bed even to see my living room for three months.” After that he still had months in a wheelchair, and on crutches, in and out of surgery, while they bolted together his leg “with rods and plates and screws”.

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