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Gabriel Rosado talks Shane Mosley Jr, boxing commentary, and the problem with today’s promoters

It’s life. Boxing is life. In life, we fail. Life doesn’t always go our way.

Like, you want some girl, but she doesn’t want to be with you. She’s dating some other dude. You know? That’s life! And just because shit like that happens, that doesn’t mean you give up on life. Right?

It’s the same thing. That’s how I treat boxing. [Taps heart] Damn, I took that “L” and that shit hurts. It stings. But I’ve gotta get that back.

I think how you behave in the ring is who you are as a person. And you just dust your shoulders off when you get back up, and you improve yourself. As in life. Improve yourself, be a better person, learn more, and grow. You do that as a fighter

And the promoters hate on Floyd. But they want to create another Floyd so bad, you know what I mean? So they put that pressure on these fighters with the “0.” But, that’s Floyd’s journey. That’s what makes Money Mayweather. That’s why he’s different.

But, when you say Mayweather, and then you say Duran– Do you say Mayweather is greater because he’s undefeated and Duran has 16 losses? No! They’re both in the same category. They’re both great. It doesn’t matter. When you think about Duran, you don’t think about his losses. You think of his great, historical fights.

And that’s a problem that’s going on in boxing. These promoters want to create the next Mayweather, and they’re putting that pressure on the fighters so big fights aren’t happening. But, big shout out to Haney, who said “F–k it,” and is gonna go to Australia. And I got him kicking Kambosos’s ass, too.

What I would rather do is, I like to see the details. Let’s say one guy fighting is named Smith, the other is George, whatever. I’ll say: “What George is doing is he’s setting up Smith. Smith knows the overhand right is coming, so what George needs to do is feint to the body, then throw that right hand to the top.”

So, now I can paint a picture of what I see these guys doing. And then, once it happens, then the audience goes “Oh, shit!” That’s how you call the fights.

And guys do it. Roy Jones did it. George Foreman was good at it. Andre Ward and Timothy Bradley, because these guys are fighters, they understand that. I think when you share that kind of breakdown with the audience, it really gets them going. Because now they see the chess match, and they understand that without downplaying what’s going on. When the action is low, you can really break it down, and that’s what I like to do when I’m calling fights.metasports

Not asking you to give away your game plan, but do you think you’re better off pushing your power for a stoppage, or using your experience in fights this distance?

No, I’m not going in the ring to play with him. Look, I can go in and knock and box him for 10 rounds if I wanted to. But that’s not the kind of win that’s gonna put me back in the fights that I want. In order to get into big title fights, I have to entertain and I have to get a knockout.

This is the kind of fight where the knockout is there. I can get this knockout. I have more experience, I have the punching power– There’s no reason for me to coast and just box this kid. I can walk him down…


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