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Oscars 2022: Apple’s ‘CODA’ wins Best Picture, Will Smith slaps Chris Rock

BRIAN SOZZI: You briefly mentioned– Yeah, well, you briefly mentioned Apple, Julie, and this is overall a big winning night, or was it big winning night, for Apple. By all accounts, Amazon, Netflix have been slapping around Apple in the original streaming program content for some time. But this win for Best Picture could really get Apple to spend, perhaps, more than the $7 billion it is spending annually to create original content, and really take Apple TV+ to the next level.

I have a good story right now in the Apple Finance home page on this crediting Wedbush analyst, Dan Ives, friend of the show.

JULIE HYMAN: Yeah, we’re going to talk about Apple a little bit more. But I should mention, the shares are trading down this morning, which seems to be more in reaction to a report about it cutting production. But we’re going to dig into that a little bit later on. Right now, though, we’re going to talk more about domestic politics here in the United States.

You see here, the company only spent $25 million on distribution rights, which was a record for Sundance at the time, but is not very much for Apple. And then spent $10 million on an awards campaign. So, that was definitely sort of a bent– a milestone, if you will, when you look at this Oscar ceremony. But of course, that win has been upstaged by something that happened during the ceremony. That is, Will Smith, who won for Best Actor for the movie “King Richard,” and this happened.metasports

Will Smith smacking Chris Rock during the ceremony after Rock made a joke about Jada Pinkett Smith. Pinkett Smith suffers from alopecia, and it was a joke that referenced that. Smith then, in his acceptance speech for winning Best Actor for “King Richard,” he apologized to the Academy and the other actors who were present. He didn’t apologize to Chris Rock, though, so that was sort of–

JULIE HYMAN: Thing number three, as we have a little pause before that happens, we had the Oscars last night. You may have seen them in real time. You may have seen a choice video or two afterwards. But there was some drama in the ceremony. Apple winning for the first– didn’t you think I was going to say something else? Apple–

BRIAN SOZZI: I thought you did. I thought you were.

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