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Latest on Chiefs S Tyrann Mathieu’s free agent market

Miami isn’t the only team that seems to be out of the market for Mathieu, though. Despite a groundswell of fans clamoring for the Pittsburgh Steelers to sign Mathieu in free agency, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reporter Gerry Dulac says that the Steelers aren’t in the financial position to be players in his market. That’s because they’re looking to extend a safety that is already on their team.

“Despite wishful thinking on the part of the public, they are not in financial position to sign Tyrann Mathieu because of the large extension they are prepared to give free safety Minkah Fitzpatrick, according to sources,” Dulac wrote.

One team to keep an eye on is the Las Vegas Raiders, who have a star defender doing some recruiting on social media. That said, the Raiders have financial problems of their own as they try and work out an extension for QB Derek Carr.

Rapoport suggests that Mathieu hasn’t signed yet not due to a lack of offers, but because the offers he’s been getting aren’t commensurate with what he believes he deserves in a contract.

“Yeah, look he could have signed,” Rapoport continued. “(In) many places. It’s, ‘Are you getting the contract you want? (The contract) that you’ve earned.’ The really good ones who know their value will just hang out and wait. It doesn’t always work out, but a lot of times it does. Because if you’re a great player, you have all the leverage. You’re a great player. You just have to be patient and hang with it a little bit.”

It’s been a very quiet free agency period for Kansas City Chiefs S Tyrann Mathieu so far.

Many Chiefs fans were taken aback when former Chiefs S Daniel Sorensen signed a free agent contract before Mathieu. The reported interest surrounding Mathieu has been lacking, but it seems that this might be self-inflicted. Speaking on the Pat McAfee show last week, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport explained exactly what’s going on with Mathieu’s market in free agency.metasports

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