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The Romance of Return. Ft. Drew McIntyre

“And the talent now, in-ring wise, is better than it has ever been. It is a matter of the stars figuring out who they are and having that light bulb moment like I had a couple of years ago,” he concluded.

The main event at this year’s Wrestlemania would be the clash of the heavyweights Roman Reigns and Lesner. And McIntrye will keep a close watch on the outcome of the matchup. The current equity Reigns and Lesnar have is unparalleled now thanks to the reputation they have built up over the years.

McIntyre is slated to go toe-to-toe with Happy Corbin who he is all too familiar with. And he seems to be clear about his approach as he said he’d head into the fight with a clear gameplan and a singular motive of embarrassing Corbin.

The only thing up for debate in McIntyre’s head is if he’s going to make quick work of his opponent or drag the beatdown as much as possible.

“But these days we have few superstars with that level of equity and have been around for as long. The old guard is almost all gone,” exclaimed the Scot.

“And hence, it becomes a case of, if you bring someone in, they should be working with a current superstar, in an attempt to enhance their profile and keep them on the right path.”

“So, we need to select talent we believe in and get the machine behind them,” said the two-time WWE Champion.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to be one of those talents and that is the strategy I’d go with myself if I had a say in it just because we do not have the superstars, we used to have in the locker room to lift everyone around us.”metasports

Speaking in a global media call, from his pad in Nashville, with his stick and sword filling in the background, the Scot was pumped up to talk about WWE’s marquee event, set for 2nd and 3rd April

WWE has seemingly perfected the art of bringing in legendary names from years past and pitting them against the current crop of wrestlers to engage fans of multiple demographics. With Stone Cold Steve Austin, the Hell Raiser himself, agreeing to come back to the WWE at the biggest event of the year, McIntrye’s insights on this marketing strategy provide clarity over the credibility of the technique that has helped WWE sustain its standing for so many years.

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