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Gushue sounds off about curling podcast

But of course, the more people know about the developments, the greater the chances the news will come out.

“Busy times in the curling world, me personally (I) like to hear the announcements from the teams rather than from podcasts and blogs, lot of trust and time goes into these decisions, let the teams spill the news,” tweeted Viktor Kjell, who coached the Jennifer Jones team at the Games.

Team Gushue will represent Canada at the April 2-10 world championship in Las Vegas before closing out the campaign with two Grand Slam appearances later in the spring.

Reports and podcasts on player plans and future lineups – an annual norm in other sports but a once-a-quadrennial experience in curling – served as a jolt for many in the sport perhaps not used to the free-agent frenzy periods that are common elsewhere.

“When news breaks and it’s labelled as official when we haven’t done it, I just think it’s inconsiderate and inappropriate,” Gushue said. “But that’s the world we seem to be living in (where people are) looking for likes and retweets.”

Sourced reporting is nothing new on the sports scene. Sportswriters, broadcasters and television insiders break news all the time before official team announcements are made.

In a text message, Hansen said Martin would be available to speak on the matter later Sunday. When reached in the afternoon, Martin said the comment had no negative intent and they will try to repair things by addressing the subject on their next episode.

Martin added that he had a long conversation with Gushue earlier in the day and they have sorted things out.

Gushue, vice Mark Nichols and lead Geoff Walker said in their statement that the selection process for a new teammate was ongoing and an announcement was expected in the coming weeks.

Martin said Team Gushue was trying to pick up Harnden at second but the federation’s residency rule limiting teams to one import player was an issue.

“Brad, I think now, is trying to convince Curling Canada to adjust the rule to do something for them on their behalf,” Hansen said on the podcast. “But to some degree, it’s a problem.”metasports

Gushue, who won Olympic bronze and a Brier title this season, did a series of media interviews after the team confirmed Gallant would be leaving the team at the end of the season.

In a phone interview with The Canadian Press, Gushue detailed his interaction with the federation.