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Former black market beer makers open huge brew pub

Want to brew something up in one? The microbrewery is open for anyone interested in brewing their beers in large quantities, pending approval by Heng and his cousins.
Not interested in beer? The commodious site has something for everyone. The cafe serves coffee, teas, and baked dishes and those with an appetite can order from an expansive list of food ranging from salads and fried rice dishes to finger-licking chicken wings and ribeye steak. 
Live music currently takes place every Saturday. 
Brewave is open 11am to 11pm every day except Monday. It is located on Kanchanapisek Road in Bangkok’s Bang Khae district. The closest rail link is MRT Lak Song. 
The diversity of the beers only invites more interest, either through social media or word of mouth. Brewave’s customers are a good mix of craft beer nerds and newbs, a good indicator for the future of Thailand’s craft beer scene.
“More Thai people obviously are shifting from mainstream beers to craft beers – like 80% of them,” Heng estimated. 
Across from the bar, it’s impossible to miss the row of stainless steel tanks. That’s where the trio brews their own beers to serve at the bar.
Across metro Bangkok, there are only a handful of brewpubs and microbreweries. While Tawandang German Brewery has long been the best known, a few others have opened in recent years such as The Londoner Brew Pub in the Pattanakarn area, Mitr Brewery (Nonthaburi province), or Underdog Micro Brewery (Samut Prakan province).
As the first venue of its kind in the area, Brewave’s unique taps also attract people from all around. A few customers have been willing to drive an hour or more to enjoy its pints. 
“There is this one guy driving all the way from Ayutthaya because he saw our Facebook listing beers he’d never tried before,” Heng said. 
Besides the hoop-jumping to get a license, the trio of entrepreneurs had to cut through reams of red tape – not to mention the utter ignorance of the local authorities.

The whole process took over six months, Heng said.


“Obviously, opening a brewpub in Bang Khae area is completely new,” Heng said. “The excise and district office authorities had no idea what a brew pub was.”