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In a manner only PSG seem able to contrive to do, the star-studded visitors imploded – a capitulation of their own making – losing 3-1 on the night to crash out.

Needing to regroup, PSG then saved their most catastrophic mistake until last as, from their own kick off after Benzema’s second, they gave the ball away and let Real slice through them to earn a dramatic 3-1 win on the night.

The winning goal came an astonishing 10 and a half seconds after the host’s previous strike.

Benzema became the oldest player to score a Champions League hat-trick but the night will be remembered more for what PSG did to themselves, again, than any of the Frenchman’s goalscoring exploits.

A Marcus Rashford winner in the Parc des Princes two years later brought memories of the Nou Camp “remontada” flooding back as PSG, who had put Manchester United to the sword in the first leg at Old Trafford, fell at the last-16 hurdle following a limp second-leg showing again.

Three weeks ago a brilliant Kylian Mbappe winner in Paris gave PSG the advantage coming into Wednesday’s rematch in Madrid, with fans believing a first Champions League title could finally be in the offing.metasports

“We made some mistakes, we can’t say we didn’t. The worst feeling is that we were the better side,” coach Mauricio Pochettino told Canal .

“The next few weeks are not going to be easy.”

PSG have now been eliminated from four of their nine Champions League knockout ties when winning from the first leg, three of those coming in the previous six seasons.