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Cristiano Ronaldo becomes FIFA’s all-time men’s top scorer… Kim Kwang-hyun returns to KBO

“I am really fortunate to have played a lot of rugby with Al over the years,” Biggar said. “I have watched him turn into what he is now, which is an absolute legend of the game and a real leading figure.

“The first time I met him was when he was a young pup at the Ospreys with a bit more energy than sense, really! He was all over the shop.

“It’s really difficult, because the boys in the second-row (Will Rowlands and Adam Beard) have done a really good job. They have done incredibly well, and Al would acknowledge that.

“It’s a nice moment to get to, and hopefully we can make the day really special for Al as well for his achievement, which is incredible.

Asked who will run out first, Biggar said: “I am not actually sure yet. We have a day off on Wednesday, and I would imagine me and Al will sit down with a coffee and have that discussion.metasports

“I would imagine he will be saying for me to lead it out, and I will be saying for him to do it.

“We might be bashing our heads against a brick wall for a while!”

Only three other backs have clocked up a century for Wales – Stephen Jones, George North and Gareth Thomas – which underlines the magnitude of Biggar’s achievement.

“It will be very special,” he added. “I got to 90 caps in last year’s Six Nations, and when you get to that it is very difficult not to look towards getting to 100.