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World News3: Beijing Winter Paralympics close with message of ‘love’

One area floated by The Independent is finally cracking Verstappen. The defending champion has publicly derided the show for over-dramatising. “The problem is they will always position you in a way they want,” said the Dutchman back in October. “So whatever you say they will try to make you look reckless, or whatever fits the story of the series.”

It’s a claim Gay-Rees and Martin have long refuted. But they get it from Verstappen’s point of view and have no immediate aims to change his mind. For good reason.

“The access is good but it’s challenging because they’ve got bigger jobs,” admits Martin. “They’ve got races to win. Some people interact more with it in season one, then they don’t in season two but come back in season three. They’ve all got bigger fish to fry. I think Max was so focused on the job he had to do last year that I’m not surprised he didn’t want other distractions.”

Following the filming, Gasly thanked the crew for allowing his catharsis, for offering him the forum to articulate his thoughts at his pace. Something that might not have been afforded to him in a press conference or other media interviews, where the immediate turnaround may have distorted his words.metasports

“That trust, in any shape or form in documentary, is important,” reveals Gay-Rees. “You want the access to be authentic. You want the interaction to be real and you don’t want them to position themselves differently or misrepresenting themselves for the sake of the camera. So it’s a tricky balancing act because I think people to do respond to the authenticity of the show.

“Danny Ric’s situation was a great example,” explains Gay-Rees. “He goes to McLaren, you think he’s going to be great, then he really struggles. Then actually he nails it. All the while, you’ve got to respond to things in a nimble way. We shape-shift a little bit: ‘right, pull a crew off that and stick him over there because that’s where the action’s going to be’.”

“There’s always drama,” says Martin. “With a team like Haas, for instance, it’s like – pick a day, pick a story.”