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The Initiative Has Gained Wide Support

Celo Foundation admits the main focus is to unbalance its reserves by using the decentralized Uniswap system and natural blacked assets. Presently, the foundation rebalances through centralized exchanges, as existing exchanges do not deal with green assets.

The foundation is also promoting the adoption of natural capital-backed currencies. It believes that the collaboration with Uniswap will offer the much-needed platform to reach this goal.

The initiative will pass through a voting system by the foundation’s community. Based on current votes, nearly 100% are supporting the initiative. Celo foundation hopes to expand the number of green cases Uniswap supports once it is deployed.

Celo is a blockchain developed with an emphasis on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) aims. The collaboration with Uniswap, a leader in the DeFi ecosystem, will generate more use cases green environment. Uniswap has also supported the Ukrainian government in the current crisis by establishing an altcoin swap interface for donations to the government.metasports