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MetaSports Basketball turns NFT collections into playable characters

Psychedelic, a decentralised studio building Web3 products, has announced the launch of MetaSports Basketball, NFT-based fantasy sports game that will allow its users to port their existing NFT collectibles to mint in-game characters.For the first time, owners of popular NFT collections including BAYC, Mutant Apes, Cool Cats, and Clonex, will be able to use their existing NFTs to mint new and unique collectibles and utilise them in-game. Harrison Hines, CEO, and founder of Psychedelic, explained MetaSports Basketball represents the first open character gaming model in the world. “We envision this becoming a standard in NFT gaming, signaling a move beyond the archetypal fixed character norms, and replacing them with open games where characters can be derived from almost any NFT,” he said.The latest social media giant to expand the exploration of nonfungible tokens (NFT) integration into its platform is Instagram, according to the company CEO.metasports