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Cross-Chain NFT Basketball Game Turns Popular NFT Collections Into Playable Characters

For the first time, owners of popular NFT collections including BAYC, Mutant Apes, Cool Cats, and Clonex, will be able to use their existing NFTs to mint brand-new and entirely unique collectibles and utilize them in-game. Each NFT will be granted special attributes based on the rarity and traits of their counterpart NFT.

MetaSports Basketball follows a sports management model where players build their team to compete against others via simulated matches and seasons. Players will build their teams and franchises by minting, collecting, and trading signature NFT players. These playable NFTs are procedurally and randomly generated 3D basketball players with evolving stats and a unique lifecycle that resembles a real-life basketball player career. This will see the players grow from rookies to legends – reflected in their stats and rarity – and even witness them go into retirement. This ensures a constant rotation on teams and the economy that fosters strategic team-building over time.

Players can choose to build their team with in-game players or bring external NFTs from approved collections and morph them into MetaSports players to build a metaverse-worthy team of any origin, style, and species.

The game will use Ethereum as its base asset layer for MBA NFTs, StarkNet as an orchestration and game reward layer, the Internet Computer for gameplay, logic, and low-value transactions, and finally IPFS as a storage redundancy layer and its unique content identifiers for assets.

MetaSports Basketball will leverage Terabethia – Psychedelic’s recently announced cross-network bridge designed to provide layer 2 functionality and port ERC standards assets – including ERC20, ERC721, or ERC 1155 token – to the Internet Computer. This will allow for the transfer of popular Ethereum NFT collections that can be used in conjunction with Metasports Basketball.